Ponty Pridd Transport and Logistics: Embracing the future with solar power

Ponty Pridd Transport and Logistics
Grid tied solar power system
Project Life
500,000 kWh
Reduction of 55 tonnes of CO2 emissions

Ponty Pridd is a transport and logistics company that specializes in both long and short distance haulage for local and export destinations. The company, which has been in operations for 12 years, specializes in working with manufacturers and suppliers of goods whose primary need is to distribute their brands to the market in record time while maintaining the quality standards achieved at production.

Safi Power identified the need and installed a grid tied solar power installation to substantially reduce daytime power costs at the company’s headquarters and logistics center. The Ponty Pridd installation will account for a reduction of 55 tonnes of CO2 emissions with an average energy penetration of 60%. The plant capacity would be approximately 500,000 kWh over its lifetime.

“This plant will substantially bring down our costs and its success will inform how we establish solar plants across our other centers,” said Anthony Wainaina, Director of Ponty Pridd.

According to an International Energy Agency report published in 2016, transport was responsible for 23% of total CO2 emissions and road transport was responsible for 20%. While there is the barrier of high cost of transport clean technologies, there are other ways to lower the carbon footprint. Until alternative vehicle energy systems become more affordable and accessible to the African market, companies such as Ponty Pridd are to be be commended for their efforts in tackling climate change.

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