Coca-Cola's Coastal Bottlers goes solar

Project Life
25,277,301 kWh
Cost of daytime power reduced

Coastal Bottlers is a dynamic soft drink manufacturing company under Coca-Cola franchise. The Mtwapa, Kilifi based plant started in 1962 with one production line but has grown to have 4 lines to-date. It is also the only Coca-Cola Plant in East Africa with an alumina canning line. 

In 2019, Coastal Bottlers contracted Safi Power to make strides towards energy management and environmental conservation. We installed a phased grid tied solar power system to reduce cost of daytime power and would finalize the whole plant by 2021. The initial final installation size will be approximately 1.2Mw against a long-term contract after the necessary approvals. The solar plant will have a project life of approximately 25,277,301 kWhrs.

“The solar plant will substantially reduce grid cost while contributing positively to the enviroment,” said Jane Gichanga, Manufacturing Manager of the soft drink company. Sachit Shah, one of the Directors, also added, “sustainability will always be a key agenda across our operations” at the official launch of the project.

According to the International Energy Agency, manufacturing accounts for 36% of CO2 emissions globally. Industry leaders like Coastal Bottlers boldly embrace solar and other such energy-saving initiatives, doing their part to bring this number down. 

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